There are many natural alternatives to lose weight quickly. Some foods are recommended for this purpose and among them, we must highlight the tomato juice to lose weight effectively.

In fact, tomato juice is ideal for people who have been fighting against overweight for a long time, because its results have been excellent.

What’s so special about Tomatoes to fight those extra pounds?


The tomato is an herbaceous plant native to South America, and among its properties is that it is one of the main sources of lycopene, one of the antioxidants present in red fruits, and is excellent for generating a feeling of satiety, which regulates appetite and controls the disproportionate intake of food.

This statement was verified by Dr. Harry Kis-Sileff, of St. Luke’s Hospital, who presented a study to the Neuroscience Society of the United States, which explains that tomato juice increases the production of CCK protein, which the body uses to generate the feeling of satiety.

In addition, tomatoes are an excellent hypocaloric alternative, with a high amount of water and a lot of fiber, so their regular consumption also keeps the stomach full.

It is known that a small glass of 200 milliliters (slightly less than ¼ liter) of tomato juice contains 1.2 grams of fiber, then, we must include tomato juice in the routine diet every day, because in addition to helping to lose weight, is an excellent food.

As we have already mentioned, the tomato is one of the main sources of lycopene, which is fundamental in weight loss.

How does Lycopene work?

A study from the University of Taiwan did a study with several women who drank approximately ¼ of daily liter of tomato juice daily and managed to reduce 50% of abdominal fat, without having made any change in their usual diet.

Even these same women also reduced their blood cholesterol levels, greatly improving their health.

This is because the lycopene present in the tomato increases the production of the hormone called adiponectin by 25%, which accelerates metabolism. In this way, regular consumption of tomato juice contributes to burning fats quickly.

Tomato-juice-to-lose-weight-quicklyWhen to drink Tomato Juice?

It can really be any time of the day, but many experts recommend that it be in the mornings, as a complement to breakfast.

Remember that a full breakfast should include fiber and protein, so not just tomato juice in the morning, but should be accompanied by eggs, whole grain bread, oats and some other fruit, such as apples.

A breakfast of this quality, which includes tomato juice, will keep the body satiated until lunchtime.

Other properties of tomato juice

The tomato, as a source of fiber and antioxidants, is not only great for losing weight, but also provides many other benefits:

Antioxidant and depurative

Tomato juice is a wonderful diuretic, which eliminates the retention of liquids in the body through the urine, which leads to a miraculous reduction in size.

Thanks to this property, tomato juice promotes body cleansing of harmful toxins and free radicals.

Combats constipation

Tomato juice contains a lot of fibre and acts as a mild laxative. Both qualities promote the proper functioning of the colon, favoring intestinal transit and regular expulsion of feces.

Cares for the heart

Tomato juice contains enzymes and minerals that drastically reduce cholesterol in the blood, which promotes proper blood circulation. This, in turn, strengthens heart health.

Strengthens the immune system

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and K, as well as antioxidants, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium and phosphorus. All these elements strengthen the immune system to deal effectively with a disease.

Beautifies the skin

The same lycopene that helps you lose weight also contains many antioxidants that fight free radicals, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and producing smoother skin free of impurities.

Relieves arthritis

The antioxidants and vitamins in tomato juice disinflame joints, so it is great to combat arthritis.