Fast food is the source of many degenerative diseases, which are preying on ever younger people every day. People in general, for a matter of time or convenience usually eat at fast food stores. In these places the way it is cooked makes foods contain a lot of trans fats, cholesterol and sugar. Faced with this problem, the options offered by the Paleo Diet are not surprising.

This style of diet proposes to move away from junk food that does nothing but fatten and damage the most basic health. What it proposes is to return to a natural diet that nourishes the body, keeping it away from undesirable fats. The Paleo Diet will help you look better and feel healthier. Here’s what the experts say

What the Paleo Diet is about

The Paleo Diet owes its name to the Palaeolithic era of prehistory, the same one we have all studied at school. It is so called because it proposes to feed us with the same type of food that the Paleolithic man had access to at that time: meat and vegetables in their majority.

It’s a nutritional approach that favors natural genetics, so you can stay thin, strong and energetic. And this is achieved with the consumption of natural, unprocessed food, from which the body can obtain all its properties.

This is how the body moves away from the vices of today’s diet. It is the side-by-side opportunity to give up junk food and foods that do nothing but provide empty calories. Fats are also present, but only through healthy forms.

What can I eat at the Paleo Diet?

Unlike other diets that are limiting, the Paleo Diet allows you to eat a wide range of foods. What it advises is to eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats, shellfish, seeds such as walnuts or chestnuts, seafood (such as shellfish and crustaceans) and fats in healthy forms.

Monounsaturated and omega-3 fats are found in large quantities in paleo diet recipes. Its consumption prevents the appearance of cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Based on studies, they provide a good level of energy and reduce the possibility of coronary problems.

What is not allowed in the Paleo Diet are dairy products, grains, processed foods, legumes, starch and alcohol. These are foods that harm the body in the short or long term.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet has the ability to balance blood sugar levels. This is why this type of food is suggested for people with diabetes.

Its benefits include increased energy and lower cholesterol levels. This is also good news for people who have heart or blood pressure problems. It also promotes strong teeth and improved skin, and restores sleep patterns.

This style of feeding also supports the immune system. It usually protects us from infections, bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases. It identifies the invading element and attacks it until it disappears. If natural foods are consumed as proposed in this diet, this process is more effective.

Myths about the Paleo Diet

Like all natural food proposals, this diet has many detractors. From these, myths about the Paleo Diet arise. Let’s see what they are, and what the truth is.

  1. It has no balance, you just have to eat meat: this is false. Its average proposal is a portion of meat, with lots of vegetables and fruits.
  2. It’s a passing fad: this food goes back to the Palaeolithic era. The fundamental premise is to eat that which our bodies are designed to eat. That’s why it’s not just a fad.
  3. It’s an expensive diet: you don’t have to buy premium cuts of meat to make this diet. Studies in the United States have shown that it is accessible to the middle class.
  4. It doesn’t provide you with too much calcium: because it excludes dairy products, many people fear for the safety of their bones. But the truth is that this mineral can be obtained through the consumption of dairy products.
  5. It excludes carbohydrates, which is debilitating: this is not true either. In fact, it includes healthy carbohydrates, which are more than enough to provide energy.
  6. You go hungry because you eat small portions: in reality the level of satiety is maintained by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. This is why it is a diet that strengthens.
  7. Goodbye to normal food: unlike other diets this is varied and does not cause languor. Many times it is included the possibility of eating a snack preferably once a week. In reality, it maintains diversity.

The Paleo Diet is a return to a natural and healthy eating style. It’s worth considering, for the sake of health.