To lose weight, it is vital to exercise and change what you eat. That is why diets have been emerging for many years, with the purpose of covering this requirement to lose weight. If you’re looking for a diet that helps, here’s a list of the 30 most popular diets. Some of them are recommended by renowned artists.

  1. Dukan: Recommended by J.Lo. This diet consists of eating whatever you want, making a set of 100 foods, which are not part of the diet as such.
  2. CarbLovers: based on carbohydrates, this diet is based on the consumption of whole grains and resistant starch. It may also include eating low-fat dairy and lean meats.
  3. Detox: Beyoncé recommends it. This diet makes sense in looking for ways to remove impurities from the body, based on fruit or vegetable juices, such as Organifi Green Juice and regular water consumption.
  4. South Beach: This diet is based on eating foods that contain healthy fats and foods with low sugar levels to avoid anxiety. Practiced by Nicole Kidman
  5. Mediterranean: the practitioners of the Mediterranean diet, can consume foods of vegetable origin, as well as dried fruits.
  6. Atkins: possibly one of the most permissive diets. It includes the consumption of foods high in protein, adding the ingestion of sausages, ham, bacon, dressings and cheeses. But despite what you can eat, it doesn’t add up to as much carbohydrates.
  7. Jenny Craig: Her foundation is knowing the proper amounts of food the body needs, accompanied by professional advice, to observe the results. The singer Mariah Carey, managed to lose weight with this diet.
  8. Volumetrics: in this diet, you will learn to know the foods, their properties and how to eat them, to keep your body satisfied.
  9. MyDiet: This is a specialized diet, designed to determine how much weight a person needs to lose in order to be healthy.
  10. Macrobiotic: This diet has its origin in the oriental culture and in Buddhist beliefs. It is about consuming organic food, vegetables, pulses and whole grains.
  11. Zone: is based on the balanced consumption of protein, fat and carbohydrates, in an equitable manner, through what the body needs.
  12. Hamptons: Promoted by Sarah Jessika Parker, this diet is characterized by protein, low carbohydrate and vegetable intake.
  13. Healthy Foods: This diet includes soy, lean meats and sugar-free drinks.
  14. Fat Burning Soup: consists of eating soup based on tomatoes, onions, celery and peppers on a daily basis. Helps to remove impurities from the body.
  15. Anti cellulite: just the juice of two grapefruit or celery, carrot or green apple, on an empty stomach and for a good snack.
  16. Mayo Clinic: with a consumption of 900 calories, for two weeks, you will get the results you want.
  17. Montignac: This diet is based on the intake of fruits after each meal and the elimination of foods containing carbohydrates.
  18. Morning banana: with just one or two weeks of banana consumption, you can eliminate fat.
  19. Anti-diet: in this diet it is not important what you eat, as long as you take into account the amount.
  20. Scarsdale: Avoiding dairy and alcoholic beverages, this diet includes protein and carbohydrates.
  21. Vegetarian: with the consumption of vegetables only.
  22. Vegan: This diet is based on organic food intake. Leaving aside meat, eggs and dairy.
  23. Paleo: its name comes from the Palaeolithic era, which is based on eating lean meats, vegetables, fruits, seafood, nuts and healthy fats, avoiding excess salt.
  24. Gluten-free: It is about avoiding any food that contains grains.
  25. Dash: This diet encourages the high consumption of vegetables, low-fat dairy products and fruits. Avoiding cholesterol production.
  26. Military: no food restrictions, except for sugar.
  27. HCG: is based on the intake of only 500 calories per day, plus the combination of gonadotropin pregnancy hormone, which suppresses fat.
  28. Hypocaloric: this diet consists of considerably reducing the intake of calories, thus helping to lose weight.
  29. Hypercaloric: Although not as common, people who are very thin and have low muscle mass eat a little more carbohydrates to gain a little weight.
  30. Low-fat: This eliminates the consumption of fat-containing foods. Includes balanced intake of carbohydrates and fiber.


Since you know the 30 most famous diets in the world, you can choose which one to follow and get the results you expect.