When men reach certain age, certain hormonal changes begin to occur. Testosterone levels begin to decline. This can be noticed by simple physical symptoms. Some of these are: decreased strength, decreased desire and sexual performance and loss of muscle mass. It is in those moments that it becomes very important to know how to increase testosterone.

If the problem deepens, you may have difficulty getting an erection and keeping it hard enough during sex. And although erectile dysfunction can have several causes, in 95% of cases it is due to a decrease in testosterone levels.

Available treatments range from: gels, patches, injections, to surgical interventions. Fortunately, there is an alternative to increase testosterone without getting to these extremes. It has great effectiveness in men of all ages.

What is testosterone?

This is a hormone that is produced primarily in the testicles. It has a fundamental role in our sexuality and reproduction. It also plays an important role in factors such as hair growth and muscle mass.

Testosterone also affects other functions of the body, such as maintaining the density of our bones, red blood cell levels and a feeling of good health.

When a man reaches 30, his testosterone levels begin to drop by 1% each year. But it is possible that in some men with a diminished physical state, this manifests itself with a little more intensity. They may experience decreased sexual desire, difficulty in concentrating or memory problems. It can also lead to depression or irritability problems in their character.

When erectile dysfunction gets worse, it usually involves problems such as the ability to have an erection and even difficulties maintaining it. It may even imply not being able to have one at all.

If you think that this is caused by a low level of testosterone, you can easily check it with a blood test.

Now, if you want to increase testosterone, there are 2 ways of doing it:

  • By means of synthetic and artificial testosterone products;
  • By completely natural means.

How to increase testosterone naturally how to increase testosterone naturally

  1. Lose weight

If you are overweight, one way to increase testosterone naturally is to lose weight. It has been shown through several studies that overweight men have a greater tendency to suffer from low levels of testosterone.

To increase the levels of this male hormone and lose weight, it is important to reduce the intake of processed sugar in your diet. This excess is one of the main factors of obesity in the world. So say goodbye to sodas, cakes and any other processed food.

Once you shed these excess pounds, your body will produce higher levels of testosterone. This increase of testosterone will result in an increased libido and improvement in sexual performance.

  1. High intensity exercises

It is proven that doing high intensity exercises is one of the best natural way to increase testosterone, while moderate and prolonged aerobic exercises often have negative or neutral effects on testosterone levels in the body. You can try this high intensity exercise routine to increase testosterone:

  • Warm up and stretch all your muscles for 3 minutes.
  • Exercise as fast and hard as you can for 30 seconds. When you finish you should feel really tired.

Recover yourself by exercising at a slow pace for 90 seconds. Repeat this high-intensity exercise and recovery stage about 7 times.

  1. Include zinc in your diet

Minerals such as Zinc are critical in the production of testosterone. Through several studies, it has been proven that by including zinc in the diet of men with low testosterone levels, in a short time these levels normalize. In fact, many foods that have zinc are considered to be aphrodisiacs and are part of traditionally romantic foods.

So, remember to include foods rich in proteins like fish and lean meats. You can find zinc in foods like raw cheese, raw milk, yogurt and beans.

If you want to take some zinc supplements, try to take a dose that is less than 40 mg a day, as this is the maximum dose for adults. Exceeding this limit can cause malabsorption of other necessary minerals such as copper.

  1. Train hard!

In addition to high intensity exercises, you should also resort to strength training, because it will not only increase muscle mass, but it will also help you by increasing testosterone naturally and improving your sexuality.

increase testosterone If you are looking to increase testosterone with strength training, you need to increase the amount of weight you lift and reduce the number of repetitions in each series.

Exercises that stimulate large muscle group, such as squats and deadlifts,  are best.

  1. Don´t forget your Vitamin D!

This vitamin is essential for the development of the nucleus of the spermatozoa and it helps to have good semen quality and a good sperm count. This vitamin also helps to naturally increase testosterone and has a positive effect on the libido.

If you think you suffer from low levels of Vitamin D, you can check it by means of blood tests. If this is the case, simply include this vitamin in your diet and your testosterone levels will become normalized.

  1. Relax and avoid stress

When men are stressed, their bodies starts releasing large amounts of cortisol. This hormone is inimical to testosterone, because it blocks it completely.

So if you suffer from stress, try learning a method of relaxation, such as yoga, meditation, or simply deep breathing exercises.

Often stress is one of the factors that causes erectile dysfunction. This is why it is very important to reduce it, in order to improve the sex life.

  1. Consume only healthy foods

With this I do not want to say that you should only eat mono and polyunsaturated fats, such as those that can be found in nuts and avocado, but we must also consume saturated fats, since they collaborate in the production of testosterone.

Personally, I recommend eating approximately 70% of healthy fats, but usually eating 50 to 70% healthy fats is acceptable. Remember that fats must come from both animal and vegetable sources for better performance.

  1. Try a supplement to increase testosterone

There are many things for boosting testosterone out there. Some, such as steroids, are extremely dangerous for your health and have a wide array of negative side effects.

You can, however, find supplements and natural boosters that can help to increase your testosterone with no negative side effects.

A good testosterone booster will help you increase blood flow, promote your ability to have and sustain an erection, control the production of histamine (a hormone that can control your ejaculations) and improve your overall sexual performance. Testosterone boosters will also help you gain and retain greater muscle mass.

One of the most effective, all natural and complete supplements out there is Testoultra. In this article you will find more information about this supplement.


Men everywhere look for the best way to increase testosterone. High testosterone levels are associated with virility, health and strength. Testosterone not only helps you look better and stronger, but it also has a great impact on your sexual performance and ability to have healthy sexual relationships.

It’s no wonder that your levels are a concern to you. If you would like to know of some natural ways to increase erection and your ability to sustain it, read a great article by following this link.

Just follow the tips above in order to naturally, safely, and effectively boost your testosterone and live the healthy life you deserve.