Among the most common problems for developing a pleasant sexual life is erectile dysfunction. This is usually associated to older guys, but according to the characteristics, problems with erection can also happen to younger guys too. The bright side is that there are numerous options which include various treatments. If you are struggling with this problem, perhaps it is best if you consult with your partner. Numerous women are asking why their boyfriend cannot stay hard, so it is important to communicate and go through this together.

Physical causes of ED

Impotence or erection problems occur when the male has trouble keeping an erection long enough to complete a sexual act. Lots of males have actually in some cases manifested issues such as: their penis not being able to stay firm throughout sex. However, it is considered that this trouble is set up it this is externalized on a frequent basis, disabling and preserving a full and satisfying sex life. To know exactly what are the erectile dysfunction causes it is always good to visit a physician, who must carry out a series of analyzes in order to reveal the true sources of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction causes and cure can be based on ED supplements which can be natural and synthetical, and procedures that are essential, according to the issue that is found. The standard physical causes of erectile dysfunction are:

⦁ Troubles in blood flow

⦁ Issues in the nerves: either in the spinal column or around the genital areas

⦁ Alterations in hormones

⦁ Blood flow issues can be connected to disorders such as: heart problems, diabetes, weight problems or multiple sclerosis. Problems in the nerves can be bought on by accidents or numerous injuries, which can be remedied with surgical interventions.

On the other hand, changes in hormonal agents can normally be resolved with testosterone therapy or with natural supplements such as TestoUltra that assist increase their production within the very same organism. The crucial thing is to function as soon as you experience ED symptoms and respond to all the questions asked by the experts.

What Doctors Advice?

As a doctor, I might say that not many men encourage themselves to visit a doctor after experiencingerectile dysfunction symptoms. But, this is actually what they do wrong. There is nothing shameful in visiting a medical expert who can help you overcome erection problems. In fact, the sooner you take this step, the faster you will get your hard dick back.

Let’s get realistic. Your partner is definitely concerned why you can’t get hard anymore and this period can be hard on your relationship. This is why you should know of the procedures which can give your virility back.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Detecting erectile dysfunction involves a conversation of your medical history and signs, a physical exam to search for indications of problems with your circulatory, anxious and endocrine system and routine laboratory tests to look for hidden conditions such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and low testosterone.

There are several treatments which you might consider, in case you already know the ED cause. These include:

⦁ Medication modifications: Changing a medication that is triggering ED, might be all you have to do.

⦁ Behavioral modifications: Giving up smoking, working out or reducing weight can reduce erection problems.

⦁ Counseling: This can assist if your erectile dysfunction problems are impacted by stress and anxiety.

⦁ Medications: Medications such as TestoUltra can increase your action to sexual stimulation. They help to relax the muscles in your penis, allowing blood to stream in.

⦁ Vacuum Erection Gadget: Likewise called a penis pump, this gadget draws blood into your penis, using a plastic tube and pump. A constant ring at the base of your penis assists you keep the erection.

⦁ Penis Injections and suppositories: These are rice-sized pellets inserted into the urethra unwind the muscles and capillary in your penis to permit blood to stream in, to create an erection.

⦁ Surgery /Penile Implant: If other ED treatments have not worked, the surgical positioning of a penile implant or penile prosthesis can permit guys to be sexually intimate.

Doctors typically start with the least invasive treatment, such as tablets. If that stops working, they may suggest more complicated injection treatments or surgery.

Psychotherapy and counseling can help, if among the underlying reasons for erectile dysfunction is mental. Counseling can also benefit a male who has lost sexual self-confidence, although his erectile dysfunction is brought on by physical elements.

Consequences of suffering from ED

A common problem among couples handling erectile dysfunction begins with failures of sexual advances. This can have an effect on issues of trust, intimacy and nearness. The guy withdraws emotionally and physically since of fear of failure. But, many women are worried and ask questions such as: “Why can’t my boyfriend stay hard”, “Boyfriend can’t stay hard” or “Boyfriend can’t get hard anymore”. They also believe their partner has lost interest or is cheating with other partner.

In reality, the guy is not losing interest, however, may be manifesting indications of frustration and humiliation of not having the ability to complete the sex act. Partners who determine their self-esteem, womanhood and desirability by how men react to their sexuality are especially vulnerable to worries of abandonment and rejection.

Partners may fret that their significant others are impotent with them, but potent with another individual, leaving them with dreams of betrayal and cheating. This concern can drive couples apart, since of fears and mistaken beliefs, when in truth the couple has to communicate and solve erectile dysfunction problems together.

Possible Solutions

All men want to have hard dick, and if we are talking sincerely, girls want it too. If you do not want to experience erection problems, than you need to take your ED symptoms very serious. There are many ED supplements which can help you deal with impotence and among the most powerful is TestoUltra. If your problem is more serious, then you might as well choose another treatment.


We have stated the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction and you know everything about erectile dysfunction causes and cure. If you want firm erection then you need to do constant check-ups and take care of your health with healthy food and definitely forget about smoking and drinking alcohol.