Memory is a friend for life. In order to keep your brain on alert and improve the quality of your life, it is important to have healthy habits and take supplements on daily basis. Here we are, to show you that with our specifically chosen exercises and memory pills, you can regain control of your life again. This can also be achieved with memory exercises.

People today care a lot about their health and also about their appearance. That is why they are looking for a diet that allows them to be at their ideal weight, they go to the gym and play sports.memory exercises

But many people forget something very important, not only we must exercise our body, we must also speed the mind. That is why it is never too late to do memory exercises that keep you fully receptive and functioning.

If you feel that your memory sometimes fails, you have mental gaps or you are a very forgetful person, do not worry. It does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from any illness. It can simply be due to daily stress. However, this problem can be improved or even completely solved with the appropriate memory exercises, which with a little effort will allow you to improve it and recover it completely.

And what can we do to exercise our memory?

When we do something in the same way always, over and over again, our mind becomes accustomed to the routine and no new connections are created between the cells of our brain. For this reason, it is important to challenge the mind, remove it from the routine and look for new tasks and ways of completing them. Here I will give you some exercises for memory:

  1. Training exercises that force you to memorize (such as remember lists or schemes). For example, visualize (if you want to remember someone’s name, try to visualize what is it, what clothes you used the last time you saw that person, etc.). Reason though association of ideas, and solve problems of logic.
  2. Leave comfort aside and seek to perform complex tasks. For example, try to prepare taxes, set up a piece of furniture, read books on how to get a new business going and try to follow the directions step by step. In this way you will be forcing the brain to pay more attention than usual, to understand in short, one of the best memory exercises you could do.
  3. Some games are excellent exercises for memory, such as: chess, Sudoku, minesweeper, speed reading, anagrams, crossword puzzles, letter soup, among others. You could even find games on the internet that allow you to exercise your memory, or in the newspapers and magazines. You can also take into account board games where you should often memorize data that involves questions and answers.
  4. Reading and telling stories can also be a good exercise, since reading requires paying close attention and even more so when the intention is to tell the story to more people.
  5. Do physical exercise on a regular basis, as a sedentary lifestyle leads to certain diseases such as high blood pressure, a disease that could affect your memory. In addition, exercising improves blood circulation, allowing your brain to oxygenate better and therefore work in a more optimal way retiring all memories.
  6. Learning language should definitely be part of our memory exercises. Knowing a new language is a way to challenge our brain constantly, especially if you must explain the meaning or translate a phrase in another language.
  7. Try not to spend so much time in front of the television, because when you spend a lot of time doing activities that do not challenge your brain, this makes you lose ability to respond to problems or challenges.
  8. Traveling is not only entertaining, but it is also one of the best exercises for memory, since you have to pay attention to everything that happens around you. Especially if you travel to a place you don’t know and must learn where you are located and where you want to go. When you get to know the environment, your brain changes to autopilot mode and it does not make any effort. Nor do you have to exaggerate traveling to the other side of the world, just travel to a city near where you live. The goal is to discover new things and keep our brains on alert.
  9. Write down on a sheet the most important things you want to remember, since the data is best retained in our brain when we write them.
  10. Another exercise that many people like, is to look at old photographs, this can be an excellent exercise. The older the better, because you will test your memory as you try to remember what happened at the time that the photo was taken, and identify the people who appear in it.

And only with memory exercises will I keep her healthy?

This can help. However, you should supplement these exercises with supplements and brain food. For example: BrainPlus IQ is an excellent choice, as it’s made with completely natural compounds, these pills have the vitamins and nutrients needed to activate our brain. And, according to their users have given very good benefits, improving their memory, mental agility and level of care.