There are times when our brain freezes. This can be due to hard work or simply not healthy habits. Besides brain enhancement pills like BrainPlus IQ, doctors strictly recommend brain exercises, healthy food and meditation. In today’s article we show you these simple tips on how to stimulate your brain to improve its functioning.

Sometimes, it can be said that the mind is like a muscle. It needs exercise and momentum to make it work better. This is what makes you have a better cognitive response and it is capable of generating new interconnections that strengthen you. This is what generates interest in knowing how to stimulate your brain and make it more versatile.

It is impossible to measure the storage capacity of our brain. Some experts say it varies from person to person and has nothing to do with intellectual ability or genetic traits. However, it is possible to expand this capacity consciously.

how to stimulate your brain

Recognize what is affecting your brain performance

There are different techniques and exercises to get the brain to work full blown, some more effective than others. However, all favor the quickening of your mind. Before talking about how to stimulate your brain, first it is important to that you know what is causing your lack of concentration. Some of the reasons that alter or hinder our power to think clearly are the following:

  • Excessive stress: A mind full of problems and complications does not work as needed.
  • Poor feeding: A machine without fuel simply does not work. Our brain, as well as the rest of the body, needs to achieve nutrients and balanced nutrition to function properly.
  • Excessive distraction: You may have a lot of noise around, or your work site is loaded with many elements that distract with much or little ease, but they do.
  • Insomnia: If you do not rest, you do not recover energy and therefore you do not have a brain working to the maximum. If you do not rest well, there will be no way to stimulate the brain.
  • Dehydration: You do not need to be thirsty so your body is in need of a dose of vital fluid. If you do not give your body the necessary amount of this, you will not be able to process information with the agility that you need.

These are factors that can affect the ability to remember things. The good news is that, no matter what the reason is, this can change with the exercises and techniques that experts recommend.

How to stimulate your brain without using chemicals?

First of all, make sure you are giving all the nutrients and minerals that your brain needs. In this way, being nourished and healthy will work better. For example, you can take concentration pills, but make sure they are natural. Otherwise, you may be taking dangerous drugs.

One of the concentration tablets that I recommend, because of its high nutritional and stimulating components is BrainPlus IQ. It is a natural nutritional supplement whose main function is to nourish and protect the brain. In this way, stimulating your brain is possible, thanks to the presence of Phosphatidylserine.

Mess up your routine a bit

Nothing atrophies more the brain than a routine life and without challenges. Studies have shown that people who strictly adhere to very detailed routines, stop using a significant part of their brain.

how to stimulate the brain for learning

Take the train instead of the bus. Go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, chose Chinese and not Italian food. Maybe you have not noticed, but you may be living a routine life harmful to your imagination.

Listen to classical music

It has been discovered that listening to classical music brings great benefits to your body, how to stimulate the brain, help you concentrate and fill your energy. Although almost any symphony will help you, the most effective are those of Bach and Mozart.

Meditation and positivism

Stress and excess negative thoughts slowly atrophy the brain. They also kill neurons little by little. Practice a little meditation and begin to control the negative thoughts of your mind so that the creativity and your intelligence begin to flow.

A worried brain does not focus. Although we know that an adult has responsibilities that are very likely to generate stress, the idea is not to ignore it, but rather to learn to control it.

Leave your smartphone aside

Smartphones have made our lives much easier. We use the GPS to locate addresses, the calculator to get even the smallest account, the calendar to remember all the important dates and even to know if it is cloudy outside.

This era of technology saves us so much time and effort which makes it hard to admit that it also embarrasses us and takes us in many cases, the opportunity to think for ourselves.

Especially, if you waste your time playing with applications like Angry Birds of Candy Crash.

That is why you should try to reduce its use to a minimum. When you want to calculate a mathematical sum, or get an address, ignore your smartphone and choose to put your head to think.

Closing Tip

Now you know the main causes of a deconcentrated and uninspired brain. I have also given you several useful exercises so that you known how to stimulate your brain. Always remember that the basis of every healthy routine is to sleep well, eat balanced and drink enough water. It would not be too much to do a little exercise daily and take advantage of the moments of rest to stimulate your intelligence.