Many people invest the time and money to learn and know how to increase their intelligence and at the same time stimulate their cognitive ability. This is something that can be a bit frustrating, since it is possible to increase it, but it is not something simple or fast.

The brain is the most important organ of our body, we must protect it and oxygenate it to keep it healthy. This will not only keep you in good condition, it will also increase your intelligence, and your cognitive abilities will improve considerably.

Despite being so important, many people do not pay attention to the need to take care of themselves, this brings as a consequence little capacity for analysis, reduction of the retentive process and many other problems more.

In few words, you must learn how to increase your intelligence, taking care of your health and quality of life. There are very good and beneficial foods for your brain, also techniques and exercises that increase your intellectual capacity.

Nothing happens by magic, much less when it comes to our health. We must be aware that everything we propose must be accompanied by effort and dedication, otherwise, it will inevitably fail.

How to increase your intelligence starting with the food

The key to everything in our life is in food. If you do not believe me, then think about all the times you have felt unwell for eating something improper. Or how easy it is to get fat and get sick because of poor diet.

how to develop intelligenceMany headaches can be avoided if one eats well and many diseases would not exist without bad eating habits.

Junk food makes us less intelligent

This statement is completely true, it has been shown that our levels and capacity for reasoning decrease by 60%, when the body is processing and digesting junk food and unhealthy.

This is because the organism goes into a very slow digestion process, then overloads and causes the information traveling from neuron to neuron to become slow and mediocre.

Recognize foods that are good for you and those that are not

So, a balanced diet is an essential key when it comes to boosting our intelligence. Avoiding excesses and moderating alcohol intake will provide multiple benefits to your brain.

On the other hand, it is very important that you learn to identify what makes you good and what does not. For example, nuts are super-charged with omega-3, but if an allergic person consumes them, they can enter a deadly respiratory arrest.

Perhaps the example I explained above was a bit exaggerated, but it describes perfectly what I want to explain. Know your body so you can provide the nutrients they need and thus stimulate your intellectual capacity.

How to increase your intelligence through supplements

The example of nuts occurs with many other things. If we take a poor dietary supplement, to develop our intelligence, the results can be terrible.

There is a drug that has been highly recommended and reviewed lately. This is Alpha Brain, an alleged brain stimulant that become you more smart. But the truth is that it has no lasting effects and results are not greater than the estimation of a cup of coffee.

I recommend a food supplement of high quality, whose reviews and the comments are excellent. It’s called Brain Plus IQ. It is completely natural, free of side effects and can help you develop your intelligence effectively, while providing you with energy and stimulating your cognitive system.

The truth is that you do not know better product in the real market than this complement. Learn to feed, choose products of excellent quality and full of nutrients that help you stimulate and develop your intelligence, to its addition a nutritional supplement of excellent quality and a routine of brain training.

How to increase your intelligence with brain training

Brain training consists of a series of mental and analytical exercises that help your brain to develop its intelligence gradually. With an hour of training a day is enough, but you must be consistent and do not stop training.

how to increase your intelligence Doing sudoku is one of the most recommended mental exercises by experts, but if you are not lover of numbers (like me), here is a list with other mental exercises benefits for you and the development of your intelligence.

  • Do crossword puzzles.
  • Alphabet soup.
  • To learn another language.
  • Read a book.
  • Build puzzles.
  • Learn a new skill.

If you carry out these tips, feed yourself well, training your brain and providing the vitamins you need, and notice changes in your mental and cognitive ability in a matter of weeks. In this way, you now understand how to increase your intelligence and keep your mind in the best state. Be consistent and do not give up. Remember that any goal and purpose you plan is possible if you always stay focused.