If you suffer from memory problems or have difficulties solving simple issues or if you have big problems with your cognitive skills, then BrainPlus IQ is the ideal supplement to solve these problems. It will help you recover the potential of your mind and to increase it even more. It is a healthy way to overcome those moments on which everyday life becomes exhausting. For that reason, we have done the following review.

What is Phosphatidylserine?

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that is vital for mental functioning and for the entire nervous system. It is involved in the formation of cells, and improves the interconnection between neurons, favoring the functioning of neural networks.

This element is normally found in the brain and has a very important role in the production of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine and dopamine, which help communication of neurons. When the nervous system is benefited with an extra amount of phosphatidylserine, all these processes that perform the tasks of the mind receive great benefits.

It is possible to find this phospholipid in foods, such as pork, chicken, barley and legumes. But it is not always possible to obtain  a full benefit because not all people eat in the same way.

Brain Plus IQ has been made exclusively with Phosphatidylserine, its main compound. Thanks to that, it has become the supplement for the mind that has produced the best results so far.

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Brain Plus IQ: 4 main benefits

This supplement has been designed after a long research on  the vitamin needed by our brain to function. These needs can be satisfied with phosphatidylserine. Tests and clinical trials were performed on these pills, and they confirmed the following benefits:

1. Increases concentration levels

The improvement of mental processes is first expressed as a greater capacity to pay attention to a task or problem to solve. If it is taken by a person who has had concentration problems, then he will be showing signs of recovery soon and it eventually be better in the following days. And this tendency is maintained in most cases.

2. Increases IQ

This is achieved by controlling all the factors that are responsible for the cognitive performance. There is also an evolution in how individuals tend to solve problematic situations. This is an improvement in IQ, which helps to find solutions and alternatives for solving difficulties and challenges of various kinds.

3. Benefits the ability to remember

It also improves memory, as evidenced in all individuals who took BranPlus IQ during clinical trials. They overcame the previous inability to remember facts and even said that they were able to remember more information than before. This factor helps you improve cognitive power at all times.

4. Increases mental energy

Mental energy is a combination of mood and physical energy of an individual. BrainPlus IQ increases mental energy, good mood and gives you higher energy levels to solve difficulties in all areas.

Differences between Brain Plus IQ and other products:

Brain IQ Plus was subject to various studies and clinical trials, which confirmed that it produces favorable results and that it has no side effects. Therefore, it represents the best chance to overcome the mental weariness that many people suffer every day.

Adderall and Modafinil tend to be the first options to increase your attention during the day. These are drugs used to treat various medical conditions, from a psychiatric approach. But they have more risks than advantages. These are their features:


This medication has been for a while the first choice of a considerable number of people to solve their memory and attention problems. This is a psychostimulant composed of dextro-levo-amphetamine and amphetamines. It is used to treat problems related to ADHD in children and some adults. It is also used to treat narcolepsy problems.

The stimulant effects of Adderall are the reasons why this medication is considered to improve the processes to remember things in everyday life. The downside is all the risks involved, that you can read by just reading the patient information leaflet.

In short, Adderall it can’t be used by people who have had addictions or drug abuse tendency. Its intake can cause dependence and can cause problems if you consume a large amount of inhibitors. This is a drug that requires attention, it is not worth to use it to overcome stress-related situations.


This medicine is frequently used to help people with night work schedules, so that they can regulate their sleep patterns. It is a neuro-stimulant specialized in promoting alertness, that is to say, it is has been thought to keep awake individuals who take them.

As a result of that, Modafinil is frequently used by students to stay awake during long hours of study or very important tests. But abuse can also cause major health problems.

Modafinil is also used to help people who have respiratory problems, with the help of some special devices. If it is used by a person who is not suffering these difficulties, he or she can also become addicted to its effects. In addition, this drug can’t be taken with anticoagulants, antifungals, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors. You should tell your doctor what medical drugs have you been taking before using this risky medication.

BrainPlus IQ, why we recommend its intake?

Knowing the risk that drugs like Adderall and Modafinil can cause, the obvious alternative is Brain Plus IQ. Its natural formulation improves memory and mental performance.

Brain Plus IQ has been developed to provide the brain and the entire nervous system with the properties of phosphatidylserine. This phospholipid causes neurons to work with greater interconnection, promoting the formation of more and better neural networks.

An irrefutable fact about Brain Plus IQ is that it has been tried and tested. Multiple laboratory tests and clinical trials have proved that it works. It was also confirmed that it has no dreaded side effects, so its use is completely safe

This supplement is capable of improving the ability to recall data and information, to increase mental energy, to optimize cognitive response and to increase the level of concentration on a subject or task at hand. It delivers everything expected from a supplement for the mind.

Do not risk your mental health with medications that pose a high risk for mental health. Brain Plus IQ improves intelligence, by giving benefits to all conditions involved in brain functioning.

It is a vitamin supplement that helps you remember things and respond with much more security to various challenges. Not for nothing, people called it “Viagra for the brain.” Those who have tried the product also described it as a mental energizer. This is the reason why we recommend it, above other pills of this type on the market.

We promote the consumption of BrainPlus IQ, because it is the only product that delivers what it promises without side effects. If you also want to make this recommendation, before you have to try. Click on the image to buy  BrainPlus IQ and recommend it to more people because you have experienced the beautiful satisfaction of overcoming your cognitive abilities.

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