The appearance of warts on the skin is a very frequent cause to visiting our doctor. These can be located in any part of the body, causing in some cases, discomfort or pain.

The mere presence of these on the skin has always been considered unattractive for its appearance, being important a proper diagnosis for the application of a treatment.

In this case, the application of natural alternative techniques has contributed a lot to its treatment. We can say that there is an orientation towards the use of natural remedies, since ancient times because they offer an effective solution.

Warts: look at the following Classification to be able to Apply the correct Treatment

As we have already indicated, warts are skin formations that can appear anywhere on the body but are more frequent in places of greater rubbing such as fingers, elbows, knees, face, scalp, and feet.

These are characterized by a very particular typology of which the most common are the following:

  • There are common warts, which are skin lesions that in most cases are benign. Their appearance is circular and they do not present pain when touching them.
  • The planters are not very common but they do cause pain and appear on the soles of the feet.
  • On the other hand, there are warts that affect the hands and are usually benign and painless.
  • Genital warts should be of concern to people as they are one of the most contagious and are transmitted during sexual intercourse.

However, there are many remedies, procedures, and methods with which to deal with these proliferations. If we have a clear concept of these and their different categories, we can show you natural remedies to combat these skin lesions that represent a discomfort for people.

For example, the combination of apple vinegar and garlic in paste form and applied directly to the area contributes to its elimination. It is well known that apple vinegar is antiseptic by nature and that garlic dries warts, so the combination of both becomes a very successful formula.

We can also point out that vitamin E acts on the area as a powerful antioxidant, which allows healing of tissues, its action that aids in circulatory processes allows nutrients to be directed to the affected area.

How to deal with Warts through Natural Remedies?

There are treatments recognized and used in natural medicine that can be totally convenient for the elimination of warts.

Experience shows that the application of some vitamins helps enormously. As it is the case of the vitamin E, that offers excellent results, being more effective if this is placed directly on the lesion.

Also, the oil castor has given excellent results, this must be placed in a hot way and humidifying a cloth, which is applied directly repeating the application three times a day.

Vitamin E and its external application, as well as its consumption and those corresponding to the B complex, can be seen as one of the alternative solutions for the appearance of these lesions on the skin.

Also, fish liver oil, a source of vitamin A and in addition to vitamin D, which is essential for the proper assimilation of minerals, helps in the process to prevent the appearance of these.

Today there are many people who have put all their trust in natural remedies. In fact, experience has shown that certain treatments used in natural medicine can be completely effective even if the mechanism by which they work is unknown. Try these methods that have been effective for thousands of people without exposing you to any kind of risk, and leave us your comments.