If you have decided to buy a Medisana blood pressure monitor, you may be hesitating about which model to choose. Well, there are several differences between them, both in the functions and in the design and the way they are used.

The advantage of buying a sphygmomanometer of this German brand is its quality guarantee. These are clinically validated blood pressure monitors and Medisana is one of the most important companies in the health sector.

Need to buy a Medisana blood pressure monitor? We help you to choose the best model.

How to choose a Medisana Tensiometer

It is always good to choose a blood pressure monitor according to the use you are going to make of it, like any other product, and especially those that control your health.

For a single person, it is preferable to choose the BW310 wrist blood pressure monitor, very easy to place with one hand. This is a lightweight, easy-to-use model with the basic options you need for a blood pressure monitor.

Medisana also has the classic arm blood pressure monitors, but there are 2 models to choose from, with advanced features such as an alarm clock, pressure sensor, a new cuff inflation system and Bluetooth, among others.

Medisana BU 575: The Alarm Clock TensiometerBlood pressure monitor Medisana BU575

The Medisana BU575 is a professional sphygmomanometer with a modern design and an alarm clock function, which guarantees 100% accuracy of readings.

It is an arm blood pressure monitor that makes quick measurements, as it has a new inflation technology that makes the measurement while the cuff is inflated.

It has a highly visible and easy-to-read LCD display with memory for 2 users and several functions to control blood pressure: Memory, data classification, traffic light with WHO indicator and arrhythmia indicator, among others.

The alarm clock function is a “Snooze” alarm, which increases its sound. It is very easy to change the blood pressure monitor mode to alarm clock mode and vice versa.


  • Professional sphygmomanometer.
  • Certified as a medical product.
  • Alarm with sound increase, “Snooze” function.
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • The display shows systole, diastole, pulse, date and time.
  • New inflation technology.
  • With arrhythmia indicator.
  • Classification of results with traffic lights according to WHO standards.
  • 180 memory spaces for 2 users.
  • Calculation of the average value stored in memory.
  • “Guest mode” to measure without storing the results in memory.
  • Bluetooth data transfer.

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Medisana BW 310: The Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorMedisana BW 310

The Medisana BW310 is an easy-to-use, automatic wrist blood pressure monitor with a traffic light function and averaging of the latest memory values.

It is a simple clinically validated blood pressure monitor that provides accurate readings by placing it on the wrist.

It has 60 memory spaces for two users, a WHO-recommended diagnostic function, and an arrhythmia detector.


  • Wrist blood pressure monitor.
  • Automatic, very easy to use.
  • Traffic light function.
  • 60 memories for 2 users.
  • Calculation of the last 3 readings of the memory.
  • Detection of arrhythmias.
  • The display shows systole, diastole, pulse, date and time.

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Medisana 51152: Pressure Sensor ModelMedisana 51152

The Medisana 51152 is an arm blood pressure monitor. This is a type of tensiometer in which the measurement is made by means of a microprocessor with a pressure sensor.

Take quick and accurate blood pressure readings on your arm. It has an alert traffic light and diagnostic function according to WHO recommended values, arrhythmia detector and memory for 2 users.


  • Clinically validated.
  • Diagnostic function by an alert traffic light.
  • Detection of arrhythmias.
  • The display shows systole, diastole, pulse, date and time.
  • 60 memories for 2 users.
  • Automatic shutdown after 1 minute.

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Any of these blood pressure monitors is certainly a good choice, as customer ratings are very positive.

If you have decided to buy any of these blood pressure monitors from Medisana the choice has already been good, as it is a company with 25 years of experience that offers all the security guarantees to buy a product of this type.

Quality is important, but choose the right blood pressure monitor for your application. That will make your purchase successful and give you a device that gives you the results you need.

If you have not yet decided on a particular brand, we may be able to help you choose an exact blood pressure monitor model for you. You can find all the necessary information at Tensiometers: How to Choose The Best Tensiometer To Use At Home.