For many centuries, garlic has been not only a great ally in world cuisine but also a product of great use in both ancient and modern phytopharmaceuticals.

Some of its by-products are garlic oil which is also used both as a main ingredient in the preparation of many dishes and as a great ally for treatments of pneumological origin.

Health Benefits of Garlic

In addition to the particular flavor that makes foods stand out, garlic has an extensive variety of properties for the human organism such as:

  • Excellent vasodilator

As it is rich in vitamin B, it helps to keep the blood vessels dilated and avoids diseases such as the appearance of thrombus or coronary diseases.

  • It is a powerful antibiotic

Garlic strengthens the immune system by preventing mild infections, colds, and flu. It also helps to heal wounds better.

  • Good liver protector

As it is rich in vitamins A, B, and C, it not only protects the liver but also helps it reduce its fat levels.

  • It is beneficial for the skin

Its antioxidant properties help keep skin healthy by renewing its cells to keep them soft and smooth. It also works to fight acne.

  • Helps maintain optimal cholesterol levels

Garlic contains alicin, a substance of great benefit to the cardiovascular system and reduces cholesterol levels.

  • Decongestant

For lung problems, garlic is the best ally for colds, bronchi full of phlegm or sinusitis. In addition to decongestant its antibiotic properties are effective.

How Does Garlic Oil Favor Broncho Pulmonary Diseases?

Garlic oil is ideal for combating broncho-pulmonary conditions.

It is important to differentiate culinary garlic oil which is nothing more than garlic macerated in olive oil, to medicinal garlic oil obtained through pressure or decanting, which makes it purer and more medicinal.

Garlic oil contains selenium and germanium, two substances which are difficult to obtain in ordinary vegetables and which are beneficial for strengthening the immune system against infections.

Its bactericidal properties make garlic oil a natural medicine effective for treating diseases such as bronchitis and even pneumonia. It also helps to control allergic processes, especially those of nasal origin.

Steps to Make Garlic Oil

Although there are more elaborate ways to extract the purest garlic oil with the least possible chemical alterations, there are home methods to obtain this product and use it as a natural remedy for bronchopulmonary diseases.

Even so, it is important to consult the existing options of this product, in the meantime, we offer you an easy way to obtain garlic oil in your own home.

Eight cloves of fresh garlic and two cups of extra virgin olive oil are used for that, the garlic is crushed and added with the oil in a jar. After being hermetically sealed, it is shaken and then cooled for four days in a row.

Finally, the garlic is removed and the macerated oil is kept in a cool place at room temperature.

How to take Garlic oil?

As a preventive measure, garlic oil can be taken once a day, especially on an empty stomach, in order to activate all the benefits mentioned above.

When there are broncho-pulmonary diseases, the ideal is to take it two to three times a day as an expectorant and fluidizing syrup. Remember that this type of remedy is used in a preventive stage, in case the disease goes to a chronic level the most advisable is to see a specialist.

In the meantime, keep your jar of garlic oil at hand and enjoy its wonderful, almost miraculous benefits that will help you to heal your organism holistically.