Do you want to know how to prevent calcium deficiency produced early to enjoy better bone health? In this article we explain it to you since many women do not know that from the age of 25, the level of calcium in the body begins to decrease; fortunately, it is possible to increase this loss.

Calcium is known to be the mineral that is found to the greatest extent within the human body, which is precisely why it is so important. Without adequate levels of calcium, blood would not circulate correctly, the heart would beat irregularly, nerves and muscles would stop functioning and bones would be much more prone to fractures.

Problems with Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that generates the progressive loss of calcium in the bones, which increases the risk of fractures as the years go by.

The intake of meat and meat products hasten the decrease in calcium levels and it is women who are mainly vulnerable to this disease due to hormonal changes.

Similarly, eating a healthy and balanced diet, either by consuming food and/or supplements, together with physical activities, can prevent the development of this disease, while optimizing health.

The importance of Calcium for Women aged 25 and over

Calcium is essential for anyone, especially women over the age of 25, as it is an essential mineral in the formation of both bones and teeth.

In addition, avoiding calcium deficiency and having the right levels helps prevent osteoporosis.

That is why the daily diet must be composed of foods that have a high content of vitamins and minerals in order to get the supply of nutrients that the body needs to be healthy.

And from the age of 25 onwards it is necessary to become aware of the daily routine that you wear, because after this age everything that is done will have consequences in the future, so it is time to take more care of our body.

Unfortunately, there are many women who do not get the calcium they need, and as a result, this calcium deficiency leads to hair and tooth loss and even increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Luckily, calcium is present in most foods, especially rice, eggs, soybeans, fish and leafy green vegetables, so having a proper diet is possible to combat this calcium deficit.

Foods to Strengthen Bones

In order to prevent the loss of bone density, it is not only enough to have healthy lifestyles, but it is also necessary to have an appropriate diet. In that sense, the foods that offer a greater contribution of nutrients to improve bone health are those that have a high content of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus:

  • Calcium through cereals and dairy products

In order to guarantee calcium intake, it is essential to consume at least one glass of milk a day or its equivalent through dairy products, which would be two yogurts a day or about 40-80gr of cheese.

In addition, when combining this contribution with a quarter of a glass of cereals it will increase to 600mg.

  • Vitamin D through cod liver oil and oily fish

Vitamin D is essential to increase the level of bone mass since it optimizes the absorption of calcium and allows maintaining the appropriate level of it in the blood.

Through the consumption of eggs, oily fish, liver, butter, and cod liver oil, it is possible to obtain the necessary contribution of vitamin D required by people with calcium loss.

  • Phosphorus through legumes and nuts

Like vitamin D, a phosphorus deficit does not allow the body to properly absorb calcium, which causes bone demineralization.

Therefore, it is advisable to consume legumes, dairy products, meat, eggs, fish, cereals and nuts so that the body can get the phosphorus intake it needs.