Oats is a cereal whose grain rich in starch becomes a factor that favors the energy required by the body, is a spectacular fuel for humans.

Its high degree of protein combined with vitamins and minerals provide health benefits.

It can also be said of this cereal, which has become one of the favorite foods of the family, first for its easy preparation that can be applied to any type of food that can go from a simple cereal with milk to a rich soup of oats.

The Benefits of Oatmeal Every Person Should Know About

  • Oatmeal as a cereal has among its favorite qualities a higher concentration of protein, in one hundred grams of this cereal we can find 12 grams of protein.
    This serves as important data for all those people who want to increase their protein intake without having to eat food based on animal origin.
  • Within its attributes is characterized by its mineral content, which includes phosphorus and iron. In this regard, we can indicate that phosphorus is the second mineral that is found in greater quantity in the human body, coming to have a presence in each cell.
    Also, this mineral apart from helping the proper functioning of the kidneys improves muscle contractions, regulates the level of palpitations and improves the nervous system, as well as strengthens health in those cases of people with iron deficiencies or anemia. Its high protein content makes it favorable as different alternatives for those whose philosophy of life is centered on a different diet to those found in meat proteins.
  • Being rich in minerals strengthens the bone system and the muscular system, also intervenes in the nervous system. For its part, iron plays a key role in the formation of hemoglobin.
    Oats, by reflecting generous amounts of B-complex vitamins, especially the presence of thiamine, favors the prevention of various diseases such as cancer. Thiamine converts the food consumed into the energy needed to revitalize the body.

It is also important for the growth, development, and functioning of the body’s cells. One of the outstanding aspects of this cereal is that it does not contain gluten, which is why this rich cereal favors those people with gluten allergy problems.

  • It is excellent for people who are planning a diet to lose weight, as it helps reduce hunger and increase the feeling of satiety.
  • Improves digestion, because it helps to minimize bile acids and prevents constipation. Take care of the thyroid for its iodine content, responsible for your well-being because it produces hormones that help regulate the metabolism.
  • It is also a great ally in beauty issues, helping to soften and moisturize in depth, both the face and hair.

Ways to Prepare Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be prepared and consumed in different ways. Here we show you some of them in a way that you can prepare them to your liking:

We can say that the most traditional and common way, is to eat it in a hot dish, early in the day, ie at breakfast. This involves placing the cereal in warm milk, a dish that is too rich in energy to activate the body.

Another very common way is to prepare it in the form of a refreshing drink. For that, you must mix cold milk, cereal, a touch of cinnamon and lots of ice. It is an excellent option for mid-morning.

It can be said of oats that it is one of the noblest and healthiest cereals you can find.  Its properties are many for health, being energetic and rich in fiber, regulates the levels of the central nervous system.