Skin care is essential to keep the skin fresh and fresh. Most of the time we forget that it is the largest organ we have. It is important that we concentrate on keeping it bright and moisturized. All this because it protects all the internal organs of our organism.

We have to activate a change of mentality to dedicate time and space to preserving the cellular structure of our skin. To do this you will have several methods and tips that will improve your relationship with the skin that surrounds your body. There are therapies that promote skin protection day after day. This prevents wear and tear and dryness from lack of attention to our exterior.


It is essential to keep the skin in good condition, so we show you 3 relevant functions it performs in our body. We provide you with reasons why you will be encouraged to take deep and constant care of your skin. Among those we have:

It regulates the body temperature: it has the particularity that it eliminates the substances that damage our body. It happens when it eliminates heat through sweat.
Replicates new cells: the skin removes the old cells to bring in the new layers of skin in a 28-day process. Because of this it is possible to regenerate the tissues much more easily. In this way, the wounds heal definitively.
Protection: As the largest organ in our body, we have to take great care of it. It is important to keep it in good condition because it covers our internal organs and protects against sudden attacks.
In spite of our often disorderly lifestyle, we have to put intensive skin care to the test of time. It is important that we provide the necessary nutrients for it to function properly. In this way we avoid irreversible damage to our interior.


If you want to have healthy, luminous skin with the smoothness of a baby, follow these tips:


The skin is the reflection of our internal system. So that you can see it free of opacity, stains on the face, and imperfections it is necessary to purify the liver. It is one of the fundamental steps in skin care that not everyone uses. You can do it by drinking drinks like green tea with lemon on an empty stomach. In this way the body removes harmful substances from the liver and effectively attacks free radicals.


Believe it or not, by doing any physical activity you are taking care of your skin. Physical exercises oxygenate the skin tissues because through sweating, you are able to remove toxins. You activate blood circulation so that your skin absorbs nutrients through the arrival of blood to every skin cell.


We often think that the massages were done for the artists. But you need to know that it’s intensive skin care that you need to start practicing. When we indulge ourselves a little like this, you provide nutrients in a deep way. It uses elements such as coconut oil to return the natural fat in a deep way. This restores hydration to the skin and restores its freshness.


Eliminating dead cells day after day, allows your skin to free itself from what does not work to make way for new cells. When you go to the shower have a mane glove on hand. Massage it all over your body to activate your circulation. Make circular movements with liquid soap and then bathe your body in plenty of water. Then restore the natural oils by spreading baby oil over your body. You’ll see your skin become brighter and healthier every day.


It may be an excess in this type of care, but it will bring fabulous results. These milk baths were made by the maidens of ancient times. It made their skin much brighter and blemisher-free. Test and certify that this type of therapy will restore your skin to the moisture it needs.


Keeping your skin hydrated and full of vitality takes time and discipline. We have already seen that our skin is fundamental to our whole body. For this reason we recommend the following for facial rejuvenation:

Sleep and avoid stress, these two things make the difference for a much more relaxed and luminous skin.
Apply pressure baths to your face and whole body. This will activate circulation and allow topical nutrients to penetrate directly and quickly.
Laugh a lot more, this type of therapy prevents wrinkles and is one of the skin care we are sure you won’t get with.