If you’re interested in protecting your skin from being affected by external factors, here’s how you can keep it well cared for.

Taking enough time to keep our complexion properly cared for is the most appropriate alternative to prevent premature aging and make it look radiant for much longer.

And although there is currently a cosmetics industry that offers products for any type of skin, many women opt for natural treatments.

How to take care of your skin in a natural way?

Luckily, nowadays there are multiple options to have a beautiful and healthy face using ingredients that are normally found in the home, which are easily obtained.
In this post, we tell you what you need to know to take care of your skin through natural products that will help highlight your beauty.

Let’s talk about natural skin care, starting with the fact that it must be kept clean even if you use a lot of makeup.

To achieve this, it is advisable to do a thorough cleaning every week or at least every 15 days, using vapors of various aromatic herbs and then use some mask depending on the skin you have, either normal, dry, oily or mixed.

Similarly, it is advisable to improve the diet and start using local treatments, without forgetting that it is necessary to refresh the face with a little cold water not only in order to revitalize it, but also to optimize circulation.

Natural Masks for Skin Care

Some of the natural masks, easy and quick to make at home, which can be used to take care of the skin and keep the skin firm, radiant and free of impurities, are the following:

Take Care of your SkinCucumbers for all skin types

The cucumber must be completely crushed and then an egg white must be added. Then apply it on the face and let it act for 15 minutes before removing it, using lukewarm water.
This mask refresh softens and nourishes the skin.

For a wrinkled and withered complexion

It is necessary to mix a small spoonful of olive oil, an egg yolk and several drops of lemon (lemon should not be used for dry skin). Apply for 15 minutes and rinse face with lukewarm water or milk.
In this case, the mask helps to nourish and tone the skin.

For oily and/or pimply skin

Mix a tablespoon of honey and 50gr of cottage cheese and then apply the mask for 20 minutes; remove it using a cotton wool previously soaked in milk.
This mask allows refreshing and clean.

Natural Masks for Skin CareFor skin with open pores

You have to beat an egg leaving the white at the point of snow and apply it on the face, allowing it to act for 10 minutes and then remove it with a little warm water. This mask should be used monthly to obtain a better flexibility and skin tone.

To moisturize the skin

It is necessary to mix a small spoonful of wheat germ, a spoonful of honey and a small spoonful of flour of sunflower seeds, which in case of not obtaining it can be replaced with ground sunflower seeds.
Once prepared, let it rest for five minutes before applying it and allow it to act for 20 minutes; stir it using a little lukewarm water.

For blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads is one of the biggest concerns many people have.
Fortunately, it is possible to remove them easily, naturally and affordably by preparing a simple warm milk mask and breadcrumbs. This should be applied 1-2 times a week and left on for 20 minutes.

For dry skin

Natural yogurt is an ideal ingredient for moisturizing dry skin while unifying its tone, making it ideal for those with red areas around the face.
To use, you can apply it for 20 minutes or add a tablespoon of oatmeal for a deep exfoliating effect.