About sweat we will say that is necessary to balance and help the body to stay cool, ie, it is perfectly natural for man to sweat.

The human being perspires more when temperatures are warm or when exercising, also, many times as a response to external stimuli that produce uncomfortable or embarrassing situations.

That is why the use of deodorant plays an important role since it is part of the daily routine of personal hygiene and as a mechanism to control excessive sweating that causes the bad smell.

Are you interested in knowing that there are natural alternatives to make deodorants? Do you know their benefits?

Natural and/or Homemade Deodorant Methods, a great Alternative

The sweat in its biological process is produced by the sweat glands and is seen as a natural response of the body to situations related to work, anxiety attacks and even a disease called hyperhidrosis, which has to do with excessive sweating.

Among the deodorants manufactured with chemical components, almost 100% of the additives used in the manufacturing process are petroleum-based ingredients.

Some studies on health damage caused by the use of deodorants highlight key factors that may be related to multiple diseases, including cancer-causing ones.

In this sense, we find that in this research mention is made of the appearance of parabens in some tissues of the body, which would necessarily be linked to a type of breast cancer. Even though these investigations have not reached a definitive conclusion, such a statement generates some uncertainty.

Here we detail the general risks associated with the use of traditional deodorants:

The chemical components with which this product is manufactured are aluminum and aluminum hydrochloride, both components are directly related and linked to breast cancer.

These components increase the risk of people suffering from Alzheimer’s, a disease related to memory problems that terribly affects behavior.

Traditional deodorants contain Parabens that are used mainly for their bactericidal and fungicidal qualities, which act effectively as preservatives in chemical formulas.

Another component is Propylene Glycol, which alters the central nervous system.

It is good to know that there are many homemade methods with which you can orientate yourself to fight the bad smell.  The advantage of these is the non-existence of chemical components that as we said before, affect health and subject the human being to risks of disease.

For example, the alum stone in its internal composition is a type of double sulfate that has a crystal shape, and can be used for personal hygiene.

Here are some tips to guide you in the preparation of natural deodorants, whose ingredients can be purchased in pharmaceutical stores or flea markets.

These are the most used Natural Deodorants

  • The alum stone as mentioned above is one of the most effective and used as it helps minimize sweating and does not stain the clothes.
  • Rosemary has astringent properties and has a long-lasting effect on the armpits, this being an important factor.
  • Sodium bicarbonate and lemon as deodorant is perhaps one of the most used and classic home recipes.
  • The deodorant made from green tea has a number of beneficial properties to prevent odor. The fact that it is an astringent product makes it good for fighting sweat. In addition, it is highly recommended by people whose philosophy of life is natural.

In short, if you are thinking about taking care of your health and leading as natural a life as possible, and you are worried about traditional deodorants because of the risks they entail, we offer you different alternatives when it comes to applying and using these products.