Modern cosmetology offers various types of hair removal, but old methods are also still used, as hair removal is very old and hairless skin has always been considered a sign of beauty.

Choosing the best method of body hair removal will depend on the objectives you want to achieve: to remove hair forever or just for a while, but you always try to ensure that the hair removal is not unpleasant or painful and that it does not cause skin reactions.

Faced with so many methods, ancient and modern, it is very difficult to choose one of them.

That’s why today we’re helping you choose a hair removal method that’s right for you, that’s comfortable for you and gives you the results you need.

Hair Removal in History

Since time immemorial, women’s hair has been seen as unsightly. In the Middle Ages, it was considered a sign of common origin. But the history of hair removal came long before that.

In the 4th century B.C., women were depilating with a rope, later there were infusions that dissolved the hair (like modern creams) and then various types of tweezers were used.

The trend for soft, hairless skin was no stranger to Cleopatra, who was very concerned about its beauty and used waxing.

Throughout history, hair removal methods for uprooting hair have always been painful. That is why depilation has been synonymous with suffering… even today.

Today, modern hair removal systems are used to reduce pain, and there are even now almost painless types of hair removal, compared to the hair pulling method typical of traditional methods.

What Types of Hair Removal are there?

Today, there are many types of hair removal, as the oldest methods are still used.

While there are modern hair removal systems that are considered more advanced, all types of hair removal have their advantages and disadvantages.

Brazilian Hair Removal

Brazilian Hair RemovalBrazilian depilation is the name given to depilation in the bikini sector, commonly with wax or other methods that remove root hair.

This method is used to remove hair partially or completely in the pubic area, allowing you to wear very small, “Brazilian” style bikinis.


Waxing with wax

Waxing with waxThis method uses a warm beeswax, which is applied to the skin. When the wax cools down, it is removed with a precise movement (a “tug”) that removes the hairs from the roots.

The advantage of waxing is that it is quite durable (from 1 week to 1 month).

Its disadvantage is that it is very painful and often irritates the skin.


Sugar depilation

Sugar depilationSugar depilation, also called “Persian depilation”, is an old and inexpensive type of hair removal that can be done at home.

This method is the same as waxing, but uses a preparation of sugar and lemon (sometimes also honey).

Like wax, this method is quite durable, but just as painful. Its advantage is that it is better for sensitive skin.


Hair removal with an electric razor

Hair removal with electric razorThe electric razor contains a small iron drum with steel clamps that catch and pull the hairs, removing them one by one at the root.

This is a method that is not very popular, as it is long, tedious and painful, although it is quite effective.

One of its advantages is that it removes root hair by sectors, so it can be used frequently and in spaced sessions.


Blade-waxing (shaving)

Blade-waxing (shaving)The shaving method removes the hair but not from the roots, so it grows back very quickly.

Shaving is not a hair removal in itself, because it cuts the hair, it does not remove it. So it grows back very quickly and with more strength.

The only advantage of blade hair removal is its speed and therefore it is often used as an emergency remedy.


Depilatory creams

Depilatory creamsDepilatory creams contain components that dilute the proteins produced by the hair, making it brittle.

The cream is removed with a spatula, allowing broken hair to fall out. Therefore, this method does not remove the root hair and it grows back stronger.

This is a quick and painless method, but it does not offer good results. However, it is usually used because it is very comfortable.


Threading Hair Removal

Threading Hair RemovalThis is one of the oldest types of hair removal, but today techniques have advanced and there are some modern machines to perform it.

In threading, the threads act like tweezers that pull out the hair from the roots.

Its effectiveness is similar to that of wax, but this method is less irritating. Its disadvantage is that it is only for small areas, such as the eyebrows and the downy hair.



ElectrolysisElectrolysis uses heat to remove the root hair.

This type of hair removal is usually more affordable than laser hair removal in clinics, but has the disadvantage of being very painful. In some cases, local anesthesia is used.

This is a very effective but not very popular technique, perhaps because of the pain and because it is not as well known as laser hair removal.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal uses a beam of light that is projected onto the area to be treated, destroying the root of the hair.

This method is less painful than traditional methods, is very durable and is performed in cosmetic clinics.

Laser hair removal is very popular, as it is safe, provides very good results and removes hair permanently in most cases.

Its disadvantage is that it is usually quite expensive, because for a definitive depilation you need 6 to 8 sessions. Another downside is that it cannot be applied to all skin types.


Pulsed Light (IPL) Photoepilation

Pulsed Light (IPL) PhotoepilationPulsed Light is a method that is based on the use of laser, but has the advantage that it can be used on all skin types.

This is the technology used in home laser hair removal machines, making it a convenient and perhaps ideal method for permanent hair removal.

The photoepilation is safe, it eliminates the root hairs weakening the growth and provides permanent results after 6 to 8 sessions.

What are Methods of Hair Removal Permanent?

Electrolysis, laser hair removal and photoepilation by Pulsed Light are modern methods of permanent hair removal because after each session the hair grows weaker until it stops growing.

The effectiveness of these types of permanent hair removal depends on each person and their skin type.

Pulsed Light Photo Depilation is the only method that can be used on all skin types, but like laser hair removal, it is always more effective on fair-skinned people.

It should be noted that in darker skin not all hair can be removed permanently in the number of sessions indicated.

30% of the hair follicles can be kept on hold and grow after a while, so it is sometimes necessary to have an annual session once the treatment is finished.

Laser hair removal and Pulsed Light hair removal are the least painful methods. The sensation is a source of heat and burning, a little itching, but it is very bearable.

Electrolysis is often used less and less and, although it is cheaper, it may one day disappear completely, just like other painful methods of hair removal, such as Cleopatra wax.

What is the Best Type of Hair Removal?

As we mentioned at the beginning, this depends on the objectives sought. If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive hair removal, there are several options to choose from, with or without pain.

But if we are looking for a definitive hair removal there are two methods that can be recommended, both for their effectiveness and for the results they provide.

One of them is the laser, which is performed in beauty clinics and another is photoepilation, which can be done in a clinic or the comfort of our home.

The good news is that Pulsed Light Epilators are manufactured today for the male and female public who do not want to waste time in long sessions at the clinic.

These epilators are safe because they are designed for home use and are also effective for permanent or permanent hair removal.

Fortunately, these new hair removal technologies are now available to everyone, as they cost much less than laser treatment.

You can view the models, features and prices of these Pulsed Light hair remover for on-site use in the Laser Hair Remover: How to Choose the Best Deal in 2018.

Have you made up your mind yet? Tell us what was your choice. If you want to leave a comment to tell us about your experience with any of these types of hair removal.

We all want to know!