Technological advances have reached the hair removal market and, fortunately, we can say goodbye to pain, goodbye to the constant expense of going to the hair removal machine and goodbye to hair, as the definitive hair removal system at home is now a reality.

Today it is possible to buy a home laser removal device and even more advanced epilators at a cost that a few years ago was a dream. The most sophisticated epilators are within the reach of any woman and this is something to celebrate.

Buying a good intense pulsed light machine is an excellent investment. But there are several models to choose from and each one has different characteristics.

That’s why we help you determine which is the best laser hair removal machine for you and which is the one that will give you the best results, at the best price.

WHAT IS A home laser hair removal device AND HOW DOES IT WORK?

A Laser hair removal device uses light to remove hair from the roots. This is a system that until very recently was exclusively used in professional clinics.

The results of laser hair removal are very good, as it weakens hair growth, which is becoming smaller and smoother.

In addition to laser epilators, we find more advanced models on the market. These are the intense pulsed light epilators (IPL system), a new system even more advanced than the laser for gradual and definitive depilation.

An IPL epilator has a variable wavelength, so it adapts to all phototypes, whether blond or dark hair.


When choosing an IPL or laser epilator, there are a few things to consider, beyond its price and design. 



Cheap laser hair removal machines use less power than professional models and generally have a very small treatment head, which will require more time for hair removal.



You must take into account the functions of the epilator, such as skin tone sensors, as this reduces the risk of problems when used on different skin types.



Finally, read the reviews of the product, but this is a good way to find out if the epilator is effective, how long the epilator treatment lasts, if it has failures, etc.

Which are the best home laser hair removal machines?

Among the laser epilators on the market, we have chosen those with the above-mentioned characteristics, i.e. safety for use at home, speed, comfort and effectiveness.
In addition, we offer 4 home laser hair removal options with a wide range of prices, from the cheapest to the most expensive, within which they offer the best performance.


This is a Remington IPL device –  350,000 shots. It’s a good quality / low priced epilator.

Lightweight and portable, it is ideal for carrying in your suitcase. 

Although it is a portable epilator, it provides very good results in the removal of root hair.

– Easy to use.
– Very light and transportable (only 458 grs)
– 5 intensity levels.
– Hair reduction of up to 92%.
– Ideal for travel.
– Very economical.

– It works with cable.
– For skin types I-V.
– It works on the face, but only from the cheeks down.

"It is valid for both light and dark skin, hair colors and all parts of the leather (including the face) of men and women. With repeated use it is able to weaken the hair and make it disappear completely, it looks like the hair is coming out weaker. It does not hurt or irritate the skin and you can forget about the cystic hairs and redness. Compared to a beauty clinic treatment it is infinitely cheaper and can be used with creams and gels that accelerate its effect. "

Remington Compact's Most Valued Buyer Opinion

Philips Lumea Advanced: advanced and economic

This is an average price option for IPL hair remover for home use. Given its good quality and the results it provides it has a very attractive price.

It comes with the app that remembers the sessions and controls the treatment.

Philips Lumea Advanced has a 250,000 pulse system, which is synonymous with good results for long-lasting body hair removal in the bikini area and face.

– Safe and effective for home use.
– It works with or without cable.
– Fast, comfortable and painless application.
– 5 adjustable light energy positions.
– It has apps for IOS and Android.

– Not recommended for brown skin.
– The head cannot be replaced.
– Does not include accessories for the face and bikini.

" It works perfectly on all areas of the body as described in the item description and instructions. However, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully and follow the recommended application frequency. "

Philips Lumea Advanced - Buyer Review

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001: professional quality at home

The Braun Pulsed Light Hair Remover is the most popular professional home hair remover by customers and one of the most popular on Amazon.

This is a very good quality epilator with a really attractive price. 

It has 300,000 pulses for the definitive removal of body and facial hair, has an automatic skin sensor that increases safety and is very easy to use.

– Safe for home use, easy and convenient to use.
– Rapid effects (in 4 weeks).
– Sensor that adjusts to skin tone.
– 10 adjustable levels and mode for sensitive skin.
– Sonic body scrub brush included.

– Much heavier than the other models (1.4 kg).
– It must be used plugged in.
– The lamp cannot be replaced.

" The product looks great. When used regularly, hair loss is very noticeable. The pain is minimal, bearable, and has a sensitive mode that is more bearable. "

Braun Silk Expert's Most Valued Buyer Review

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956/00: pro technology

This is one of the best choices of high quality hair remover for professional or home use available on Amazon.
It has an IPL (pulsed light) system of 250,000 pulses, a skin sensor and various accessories for use on different parts of the body.
It has all the accessories and services needed for permanent hair removal at home or in a clinic, such as the Phillips app.

– It can be used professionally or at home.
– High quality and durability.
– It works with or without cable.
– It has a SmartSkin sensor for automatic adjustment to skin tone.
– Face filter and various curved design accessories.
– It removes the hair definitively very quickly.
– It has the Philips app with instructions for use and other utilities.

" My husband bought me this laser depilator and after 2 sessions I noticed the hair loss. In the armpit area I went over my hair once a week and in the second session with this machine I was already at a minimum. In the legs they almost disappeared. In the bikini line (which wore a depilatory machine) I was pleasantly surprised, there is no more hair! Absolutely thrilled with the machine and great application that reminds you of the session."

Philips Lumea Prestige's Most Valued Buyer Review

Tips to buy the best home laser hair removal device

Laser or pulsed light hair removal machines used in the home are as safe as hair removal machines in beauty clinics. The difference is usually their weight (they are much lighter) and ease of use.
Using a light epilator at home poses no risk, especially since they are made for this purpose.

At-Home Laser Removal Devices: pros and cons

What is the difference between a laser or IPL hair remover for home use and a professional hair remover in a clinic?

home laser epilator


  • Economy: The number of sessions you require in a clinic ends up being more expensive than buying a home epilator.
  • Comfort: You can wax at home and do the sessions when you have time.
  • Speed: As you don’t have to go to the epilator you lose less time, but also the sessions of the homemade epilators are very fast.
  • Efficiency: The new models of pulsed light (IPL) epilators are very effective, and even more efficient than the laser epilators in some clinics.
  • Versatility: There are many models of home laser hair remover, which have very different features, functions and accessories. So you can choose a model that best suits your needs.


  • It involves an expense: Although in the long term it is cheaper, it requires more money to be spent than a waxing session.
  • You should check the effectiveness based on the use you will make of it: Cheap laser hair removal machines may not provide results too quickly. That’s why it’s a good idea to determine how fast you want it to be before you choose.
  • You need patience: If you have a laser hair remover at home, you will have to do the treatment yourself. Although you can ask someone to do it for you.
  • You must be careful: In a hair removal salon there is a professional who recognizes your skin type and chooses the right program, at home, you should do it or get a hair removal machine with automatic program.
laser epilator

Which are the best home laser and IPL hair removal products for 2018?

The best laser hair removal machines of 2018 are undoubtedly these new models of IPL intense pulsed light hair removal machines, as they have the most advanced technology in home hair removal available and are not at all expensive.

Without a doubt, buying one of these ultra advanced epilators for home use is the best investment of 2018.

Not only will we use it for a while and enjoy our brand new laser epilator, but we will also need less and less depilation until we forget completely what a depilator was used for.

You bought a home laser hair removal epilator? Please, leave us your comment and tell us the make, model and if it has given you the results you expected.