What causes premature aging of your skin?

The weather and environment can cause your skin to age quickly. Premature aging of the skin indicates that you are suffering for these external factors. If you want to keep your skin youthful, you need to be careful of these four factors that cause premature skin aging.

Sulfur Dioxide

This is released into the air during the combustion of fuels like coal and diesel. It causes irritation in your skin. People who live in the city have a higher risk of being exposed to this harmful gas. So, you should avoid places where sulphur dioxide might be present.

Black smoke from industries

These particles cause dehydration of skin and don’t allow saturation of oxygen.These particles are caused by burning of gasoline and fires from industry. They look like thick black smoke. When these get into your skin, it dries up your skin, and you get premature wrinkles.

Oxides of Nitrogen

This is an air pollutant that is caused by fossil fuel combustion and exhaust emissions. Nitrogen oxide is a greenhouse gas that can affect your skin. It eventually leads to premature wrinkles and aging skin.


This is also an irritant to your skin. When you are exposed to ozone for a long time, you get premature wrinkles. More pigments start to develop on your skin, and your younger looking skin is lost.

You need to avoid these pollutants to keep your skin younger looking. First, you need to choose a cleansing milk or lotion that will restore the water-lipid mantle of your skin. When you remove makeup, you should use soft cotton wool so that no abrasion is caused in your skin. You should stop using strong alkaline soaps. You should put on a good exfoliator at least once a week.You should use a hydrating mask to keep your skin hydrated. These will help you to stop the process of premature aging.

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