Not each problem you encounter with your vehicle indicates that it is hazardous to keep on driving or that you are causing extreme harm by driving it continuously. However, there are also times when you need to stop driving your vehicle and contact a tow truck instead, regardless if are just driving in short distances. Even if you think that such an issue can be controlled or when it seems as if it’s just a small provable, it can eventually result in a costly and difficult repair once you choose to continue driving it.  

A vehicle that is not safe is not worth risking your safety and other driver’s safety. Hence, it would be better if you use towing in Savannah instead of risking whatever it is keeping on driving. Here are some of the risk if you do the latter: 

Pumping the brakes 

When your brakes do not appear to “catch” once you use the pedal, you can try pumping the pedal a couple of times. After this, the brake usually works. Never expect that you should or you can keep on driving in this situation. Usually, this indicates that your vehicle is lacking brake fluid. The act of pumping produces the pressure, which the fluid is supposed to do it on its own. When your vehicle has a leaked brake fluid, this commonly only becomes severe that the brakes will just go out as you’re driving on the road. Hence, once you notice this type of car issue, make sure to take this to your trusted car mechanic to have it checked and repaired if needed. If not, you’ll surely end up being towed by a towing company due to breaking down on the roadside. 

The vehicle tends to slide during a turn 

When your vehicle slides while turning, this could be due to the differential—a set of gears that makes the car tires to spin at varying speed while moving simultaneously. Once the differential breaks down, a tire will have a tendency to slide or drag. Moreover, it’s also possible that the wheels of your vehicle are extremely misaligned. If this is the case, it would make it hard for them to control the car as you’re turning the steering wheel. The more you keep on driving, such issues won’t get better. Instead, it will just become worse since you’ll eventually realize that you cannot control your car anymore once you want to turn.  

The shifter is sticky 

When you attempt to shift your vehicle out of the park and you see that the shifter is sticky, and particularly when you feel that you should push the vehicle out of or in gears, it would be best to just stop driving. Usually, this indicates that a chain is breaking within your vehicle’s transmission system or your vehicle’s transmission fluid is low. Then, the transmission could break down as you’re driving non the road. As a result, your vehicle will be changed into neutral, causing you to not get it into gear. Instead of risking this, take your car to a trusted transmission shop right away.