Logo2bMe was founded in 2010 out of fun by five friends. We all loved to talk about beauty and fashion, particularly skin products. Fashion and makeup stores were our best hangout places. We know that shopping for skin care and makeup can be an overwhelming experience. We have tested several products throughout our lives. But once we started writing this blog, we started buying and testing more products. In this blog, you will find about the best skincare products in the market. You will find something for yourself in every price range. You will also learn various tips to maintain your skin well.

The products we write about have no harmful chemicals. We prefer organic and natural beauty products. We don’t write a review of a product that practices unethical means of doing business, like tests on animals. We will help you to understand your skin and what your skin needs. We will suggest you products that will give you a glowing skin. We also provide tips on applying makeup on your skin.

You will feel good if your skin feels good. Check out our site regularly to learn about new products that are available in the market.