Are your weight loss supplements helping or harming your body?

This modern world most of the people have the tendency to consume supplement to lose weight. As it takes less time and effort so you may get attracted to follow this shortcut method which will make you slim. That is the reason you may find plenty of weight loss supplements available in the market, which will help you to lose your weight in less time. But at the same time you should be well aware of the side effect or the damages that may happen because of contamination which exits in these supplements (1).

Most of the supplements are manufactured in a laboratory with the use of chemicals. There are many chemicals which rapidly burn the fat in your body, but they are not good for your health at all. Due to over consumption of these sorts of pills or supplements will make your blood impure hence chances of getting affected by diseases increases. Pure supplements help to keep you healthy and if there is any deficiency in your body, it will definitely help you to overcome it. Nowadays there are lots of supplements which will not only help you to keep your body nutrient balanced will help you to reduce weight also. Recent days most of the vegetables are contaminated, you don’t get the proper nutrients from food and there is a risk of getting affected by several diseases which may affect you because of the impurity added to food materials (2).

If you really want to lose your weight and thinking of going for supplements, then you should be very careful about the side effects too. It is always advisable to achieve weight loss through exercise. Exercise will not only help you to lose your weight it will help you in several ways it will keep your blood circulation proper and will maintain blood glucose level in your body. Only when you do exercise your body fat starts exhausting in a natural way as a result, you lose lots of weight without doing any harm to your body. If you don’t wish to do a lot of hard work at the gym there are other ways also to lose weight. You can go for yoga, jogging and Zumba classes or any other therapies which will help you to lose weight naturally.

If you are in a mental dilemma weather to go for supplements or not, if you have this question in your mind, then this fact might help you to take up right decision (3). Here are some merits and demerits which are mentioned below based on that you can decide what choice would be best for you.

Merits of weight loss supplements:

  • If you want to reduce your weight without doing any exercise or without changing your diet plan, then defiantly supplement could be the best option for you. If you are a lazy person and don’t want to go for any kind of physical activity, then supplement would be the right choice for you. People who are busy in daily life and don’t have time for themselves, they may choose the best supplement according to their health condition. Only dieting or exercising or supplements will not help you alone to lose your weight if you really want to lose your weight you must go for a healthy lifestyle along with it if you take supplement definitely you will get better results.
  • If you go for diet or gym, then it will take lots of time to lose your weight. But supplement can give you quick effect.
  • One of the common facts you may notice because of the weight loosing supplement that is you will not feel hungry easily because supplement will provide you all necessary nutrients. You will not be able to eat much and will gain less calories.

Demerits of supplements:

  • Now most of the supplements are contaminated with several chemicals which may affect your body and can cause you serious diseases. Few chemical elements not only affect you physically, but also create a huge impact in terms of mental disorder such as insomnia, headache and nervous disorder, high temper and many more. As our nervous system is delicate, it can be affected very easily by the presence of impure chemicals in our body.
  • Over dosage of weight loss supplement may damage your kidney and liver permanently. Kidney failure can make your life miserable as your biological system starts falling apart because of kidney failure.
  • Diet supplements are not that costly, so if you get addicted to it, you can spend lots of money. Instead of that you can spend it on food which will give you healthier life. As it has been observed that most of the supplements are contaminated in order to lose your weight you might develop some severe problem.
  • There are many elements has been found in this diet supplement which can create disorder in your blood circulation which may give you high blood pressure. Due to irregular heart beat or high blood pressure, the chances of heart attack or stroke increase.

These could be the most seen advantages and disadvantages of weight loss supplements. But before you go for weight loss supplement make sure you are aware about the side effects and your own physical condition. It is always advisable to consult with a health expert who will understand what would be the right choice for you.  Weight loss supplements of the present times are very popular and many people have got benefited also. There are several herbal products available in the market which can be less harmful for your health before you take anything does proper market research so that you are aware about all the shortcomings. These supplements are made of high dosage of fewer chemicals which may not suit you if you are having heart disease already before consuming these supplements go through the instructions and most importantly the elements which exist in the product. In case you are allergenic to few drugs you should always take precautions as a weight loss supplement contains many contaminated materials which may create allergy in your body.

Add diatomaceous earth to your diet plan to lower cholesterol

Do you have high cholesterol? Unfortunately, eating a bowl of cheerios for breakfast isn’t quite enough to make a big impact. But fitness experts and enthusiasts around the nation are finding drastic results in lowering cholesterol by a supplement that literally comes from dirt. It’s called diatomaceous earth and we’ve got the latest on why it’s so effective.

Diatomaceous earth is natural sediment of chalky appearance. It’s made up of dead diatoms of silica-based cells. It’s also known as diatomite. The food grade diatomaceous earth offers many health benefits which include; decrease in joint and ligament pain, strengthening of teeth and gums, detoxification of body, improvement in osteoarthritis, reduced acne and skin rashes, improved bowel movements which helps in relieving constipation, anti-parasitic effect, soothing of burns and wounds, improved gastrointestinal functions, faster metabolism, better sleeping patterns, and decreased blood cholesterol levels [1].

We’ve formulated a research-based analysis of diatomaceous earth regarding its role as a blood cholesterol lowering agent.

Diatomaceous Earth – A Potential Lipid-Lowering Agent

According to a research study published in ‘European Journal of Medical Research’, diatomaceous earth is useful in lowering the cholesterol levels of individuals suffering from cholesterol-related problems like obesity and hyperlipidemia.  The study was conducted on 19 test subjects who were suffering from moderate hyperlipidemia i.e. increased blood cholesterol level. These test subjects were treated with 250mg of diatomaceous earth via oral route three times a day. The subjects received this treatment for a period of eight weeks [2].

The serum concentrations of triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) i.e. good cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) i.e. bad cholesterol of these individuals were measured before they entered this study. Once these individuals entered the study, the same measurements of serum concentrations were taken after every second week of the treatment and four weeks after the test subjects stopped the intake of diatomaceous earth. It was observed from the study that the serum cholesterol level of every test subject decreased significantly during the course of the treatment and it reached the lowest level on the 6th week of the treatment. Also, there was appreciable decrease in the levels of low-density lipoprotein. It was also observed that the lowered levels of LDL and triglycerides didn’t increase even after four weeks of treatment discontinuation. In fact, the levels of HDL i.e. good cholesterol increased significantly after the complete course of the treatment.

Hence, it was concluded from the study that diatomaceous earth is highly capable of decreasing the blood cholesterol levels of hyperlipidemic individuals as it enhances the lipid-metabolizing processes in the body.

According to the diatomaceous earth organization, diatomaceous earth plays a beneficial role in reducing the cholesterol levels, it’s also helpful in preventing the cholesterol-related cardiovascular disorders like atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction i.e. heart attack, stroke, angina, and heart failure. This is because when the blood cholesterol levels become high, this cholesterol starts getting deposited in the inner walls of the blood vessels which leads to atherosclerosis i.e. hardening of the blood vessels. This atherosclerosis increases the arterial pressure which causes massive strain on the arteries and leads to hypertension i.e. increased blood pressure. Atherosclerosis also leads to deficiency of oxygenated blood in the cardiac tissues; this increases the workload of the cardiac muscles which can lead to the damage of cardiac tissues, thereby causing angina and heart attack.

Potential Adverse Effects of Diatomaceous Earth

Consumption of diatomaceous earth can lead to adverse effects on the respiratory system, especially in those individuals who’re already suffering from a respiratory tract infection. A person can suffer from irritated and bleeding nose, pain in the throat, excessive coughing and sneezing, and breathing difficulties. Therefore, diatomaceous earth is prohibited for use in patients suffering from any kind of lung disease which includes; Asthma and COPD i.e. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. Also, smokers shouldn’t consume diatomaceous earth as it can deteriorate their lung condition.

At extremely high temperature, diatomaceous earth is converted into crystalline silica which can lead to extremely harmful effects on the alveoli of lungs, leading to lung failure or respiratory failure. However, this kind of exposure with crystalline silica is not common under normal circumstances. It’s more of an occupational hazard which means that workers of silica-producing factories are prone to this exposure.

Intake of diatomaceous earth is not recommended for use in pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is because diatomaceous earth can cross the placental barrier and it can cause harmful respiratory adverse effects in the fetus which can even lead to the death of the fetus because of respiratory failure. Similarly, this substance can adversely affect the infants by entering their blood through the mother’s milk.

Proper Consumption Technique of Diatomaceous Earth

It’s important to consume diatomaceous earth in the correct manner otherwise it can lead to diatomaceous-toxicity in the body.

First of all, always consume diatomaceous earth after mixing it in either juice or water. It’s recommended to pour around 8-10 ounces of water or juice in a glass and then add half teaspoon of diatomaceous earth into it. Stir the mixture for some time but don’t wait for the dissolution of diatomaceous earth as this substance is insoluble in water. However, it will remain suspended in particulate form in the liquid. It’s important to drink this solution as soon as you’ve stopped stirring, otherwise diatomaceous earth will settle down and form sediment at the bottom of the glass.

It’s advisable to drink this mixture before meal. Also, limit the daily consumption of this substance to less than 1 tablespoon\day; otherwise it can get accumulated in the patient’s blood and lead to toxicity.

For those people who’re just starting the diatomaceous earth therapy, it’s highly recommended to begin the consumption with low doses like half a teaspoon per day, and then increase its amount gradually. This is important to ensure the safety of the patient as some people can be allergic to diatomaceous earth so sudden consumption of this substance in high amount can lead to extremely harmful or even lethal adverse effects in the body, like alveolar dysfunction and respiratory failure.

What Can We Conclude?

It can be concluded that diatomaceous earth can be consumed by obese and hyperlipidemic individuals for effective decrease in the blood cholesterol levels. However, self-medication can prove to be harmful and this substance should only be consumed after prescription from a certified medical practitioner to ensure maximum safety of the patient.

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